Cub Scout Information


The Cub Scout program is for boys in the first through fifth grades (or ages 7 through 10).  Cub Scouts join a pack,  and are assigned to a den,  usually a group of six to eight boys.  The Cub Scouts meet weekly.  Once a month,  all of the dens and family members gather for a pack meeting under the direction of the Cubmaster. 

The Scouting program is Home and Neighborhood centered.  Scouting happens in large apartment complexes, in urban areas, in rural communities, in large cities, in small towns, and wherever boys live.

The Scout meetings may be at your local school, church, or an organization that is willing to furnish a meeting location for Scouting.  

Being involved in Cub Scouting can have some great benefits!  It helps boys develop good citizenship,  good sportsmanship,  and pride in growing strong in body and mind.  It can help foster a sense of personal achievement and strengthen boys' ability to get along with other boys and respect other people.  Cub Scouts learn to be helpful and do their best,  how to develop good character and spiritual growth,  and also to work towards becoming a Boy Scout.  But most of all,  it's fun and exciting.  Explore the links above to see all the fun and exciting things Cub Scouts are doing.  We hope you and your son will want to join us!

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